Community of Hope

Encouragement FM exists to glorify God by encouraging people and unifying the community’s churches and ministries. KVNE and KGLY fulfill this mission by partnering and collaborating with as many as 40 East Texas community organizations that work with those in need – men, women, children and families. By strengthening the impact of these non-profit groups, KVNE and KGLY affect the entire community by changing lives and bringing people to Jesus Christ.

EFM partners with ministries, churches, and non-profit organizations by providing an array of on-air assistance, including live remote broadcasts and promotional announcements. Like a giant megaphone, the stations get the word out to the largest possible audience and then mobilize listeners to action. Participating organizations are then able to leverage that support, and the end results are impressive. EFM also provides support through use of its studio space for donation collections and its staff members’ time at events throughout the year.

In these economic times when budgets are stretched and funding is difficult to find, organizations and ministries such as the Salvation Army, Pine Cove, and St. Paul Children’s Foundation see KVNE and KGLY as a true blessing and a difference maker.


Encouragement FM partners

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… with ministries, churches & non-profit organizations by providing an array of on-air and online assistance.

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What Others Are Saying

“KVNE’s impact, the ripple effect on our ministry and the kingdom of God is pretty profound. We’re very grateful that they’re our partner.”

Mario Zandstra
Pine Cove President/CEO

“We would not be as successful as we are if it wasn’t for KVNE Radio.”

Captain Ben Lawrence
The Salvation Army

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