Accomplishing Our Mission

Encouragement FM Exists to Glorify God by Encouraging People,
Connecting Our Community, and Pointing People to Jesus Christ!

Glorifying God

We bring glory to God by striving for excellence in all we do. For a media ministry, that means broadcast excellence. New equipment (and the space to house it) is needed to improve our broadcast quality and expand our reach.


Encouragement FM On-Air Team


Blanket Drive with Salvation Army Major Ben Lawrence

Connecting Our Community

The facility is designed to be a Community Connection Point – with it we can be more involved in the life of our community and invite more people to do more things that can change their lives and the lives of others.

Pointing People to Christ

The new location increases our visibility and accessibility many times over.

If “seeing is believing,” we want to be seen so that we can touch more lives.


Volunteers Help with Bibles & Backpacks

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